Pet Behavior Aid training classes use dog and people friendly methods. Build practical skills for real life with your dog at any age.

We currently offer a Puppy Class for dogs 9-16 weeks and Be Brave for fearful dogs.  Classes are 6 weeks in length and cost $100. Attendance at Puppies W.I.N. or Be Brave fearful help session is required prior to registering for class.

We also offer Puppy Socials which are free (donations accepted) and do not require sequential attendance; however, pre-registration is required.

Classes are held at Asheville Humane Society.  When registering please mail form to us at P.O.Box 6564 Asheville NC 28816.  Scroll to bottom of page to see schedule.

Puppy Classes
Our Puppy Class is for puppies 9-16 weeks of age.  Enrolling in a quality puppy class with a knowledgable instructor is one of the most important things you can do in your dog's life.  Our class focuses on basic manners, socialization, problem prevention, and problem solving.  Help your puppy get a head start on becoming a well-mannered, well-socialized adult by joining a Pet Behavior Aid Puppy Class.

Your puppy will learn the following in class: "sit", "down", "go to your mat", "leave it", "drop it", loose leash walking, coming when called, polite greetings, how to share, and enjoy being handled.


Attendance of Puppies W.I.N. is required before enrolling in puppy class.

-Parvo/distemper vaccination and at least one booster. Booster must be given at least 8 days before starting class.
-Must maintain vaccination schedule that is recommended by your veterinarian
-Bordatella vaccination recommended but not required
-Rabies vaccination is required at 16 weeks and older
-Must be free of internal and external parasites
-It is important puppies are healthy before socializing with other dogs, which is why we require confirmation by a licensed veterinarian on the registration form.

Classes will start back up in the spring.  

Puppy Class (6 sessions)

"Be Brave" Fearful Dog training Class 

Is your dog shy or nervous around people, objects, new environments, or more. This class will help your dog gain confidence by techniques to use for confidence, learning how to play games, show you how to protect your dog by understanding body language, and much more. Help your dog be more comfortable!


-Attendance of Be Brave help session is required before enrolling in the training class

-16 weeks and older

-Current parvo/distemper and rabies vaccinations
-Bordatella vaccination recommended but not required
-Current flea preventative
-It is important that dogs are healthy before attending training class, which is why we require a confirmation by a licensed veterinarian on the registration form

Fearful Class (6 sessions)